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Woodseats chess club, which is actually in Heeley and easily accessible on the 53 bus route out of the town center, is one of the oldest chess clubs in Sheffield and welcomes players of all strengths. Whether you’re a beginner who has discovered chess on the internet or in the press or a serious player who wants to play in the very competitive Sheffield chess league, we’re sure that we will be able to find you a level of play to suit.

Feel free to contact us or just drop by on a Monday evening from 7:30pm.

Call Peter on 01142 748512 / 07779 33602
Email us on

Red Lion Pub
653 London Rd,
Sheffield, S2 4HT

Calling all new members! Come along on a monday evening! You’ll always find someone who will give you a game of chess!

A spot of history!

Lots of topics can come up when Woodseats Chess Club gets together for a social evening

Two Woodseats Chess players studying hard!

-no chess matches, just friendly games and chatter. This character came up in the conversation last night:
. This is H.E.Bird and among other claims to fame he wrote a chess column in the
The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent . Here’s one of the games that he played on a visit to Sheffield in 1883 (a translation of the notation of the game follows):

The opening is the ‘Fried Liver’ (Fegatello) Attack against the Two Knights Defence: Black definitely had chances to win! Do play it through-it’s worth it. Nineteenth century Sheffield chess players knew what they were doing.

For more information about ‘Social Chess’ at Woodseats Chess Club, contact:

Hey Kids! (Bill Speaking)

Hey kids

Just to keep you in the loop…

Andrew has very kindly offered his services to do the Simul. (quite a feat!)
2. I am in touch with ‘Mrs. Dave’ Toft regarding the Gala Dinner Dance, and…..


This took place last weekend, you may have seen Peter waving the ‘Flag of Camelot’ in the Parade on Look North (or then again, I might just be making that bit up)

The next one is tentatively pencilled in for Sunday, July 14th 2019

I would like us to enter the Festival in some way or other, both as a means of a dry run for the Golden Anniversary, and as a means of further embedding us in to the Woodseats’ consciousness.

I am thinking…

A 30 player simul.
Schedule the Crabb Shield (which will almost certainly be held at the Red Lion) to coincide with the Festival weekend.
A 30 player ‘Woodseats vs. The rest’ match

No Gala dinner dance scheduled, but possibly a curry wouldn’t go amiss?

Going back to the Golden Anniversary, a word about the cost. Obviously we should think about offering Pam some recompense for room hire etc. I also thought that we could donate £50 first prize and £50 for other prizes to the One-Day tournament. I also wondered about subsidising the Gala Dinner Dance, perhaps £5 or £10 per person, up to a maximum of £200?? What do you all think?

These things are all very tentative and also a long way away, which gives us time to plan and prepare (but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that two years is a long time, look what happened with Brexit!!)

Finally, the biggest challenge is to locate and track down all the old B&J/Cross Scythes/Woodeats members! Peter suggested I should make a list, I’m already doing it.

It’s a massive undertaking, but not out of our reach. Please give whatever help in doing all these things that you can, and don’t be shy in suggesting new ideas.

The main reason behind all this, is of course, to attract as many new members as possible. Links with libraries, links with local schools, all of these couldn’t be a bad idea.

Case of fatigue in the Summer League?

Darnall Away

Steve 1/2 D.Dawson
Brendan 1/2 C.Chatterton
Dave M 0-1 R.Black
Stevie D 0-1 H.Feather

Maybe it was the heat, but this felt like a real end-of-season match, with no real urgency from either side. Nevertheless, and despite the stifling weather, we turned up to fulfill our fixture. My thanks to all those who played last night, and indeed to all those who appear in this table:

So, here’s the final table!

If it can happen to him, it can happen to Woodseats

Considering we were a newly promoted team, we were never disgraced or embarrassed, and served Camelot proudly!

I hope everyone who took part in the campaign has got something out of it, and has hopefully taken something which they can learn from as we look ahead to the Winter League. Thanks Guys. It’s been fun!

Bill Ward

Spot the face-50 years of Woodseats Chess

In the summer of 1970, a group of gentlemen met in the Batemoor & Jordanthorpe Community centre and established the B.& J. Chess Club, 50 years on, in the year 2020, we hope to celebrate that anniversary! We are trying to contact anyone who has played for, or been a member of the club in that time. Anyone who has had a connection with B.& J./Cross Scythes/ Woodseats Chess Club and is not in regular contact, could they please get in touch with me.

Bill Ward

Spreading the Word

Poster now on display in Woodseats New Library:

Copies available for posting in other venues that you might know about:

Plans are afoot for starting a chess group in the library, to meet during the day, probably on a Monday or Tuesday:

T. W. Crabb Shield Tournament – Saturday 21st July 2018

at the Red Lion, 653 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S2 4HT

(Woodseats league match venue) Doors Open: 11.00 a.m.

Format: 6 rounds each of 50 minutes, with players having a straight 25 minutes each for all moves.

Round 1: 11.20a.m. Round 2: 12.20p.m. Lunch (available at the bar): 1.20-2.00 Round 3: 2.00p.m.
Round 4: 3.00p.m. Round 5: 4.00p.m. Round 6: 5.00p.m. followed by prizegiving.

Entry fee: £4 waged, £2 unwaged. All money will be returned as prizes.
The T.W. Crabb Shield will go to the overall winner, provided they are resident in the Sheffield & District region (or if not then the highest placed player who is.)

Entries will be taken on the day, but early notification of entries will save time and help with preparations. All entries please to

Joining the ECF (English Chess Federation)

Special General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the Sheffield & District Chess Association will take place on Monday 21st May, 2018, at Stradbroke Community Centre (in the grounds of Stradbroke Primary School), Richmond Road, Stradbroke, Sheffield, S13 8LT, starting at 8.15 p.m.

The meeting has been called at the request of the Executive to vote on the proposition

that the Sheffield & District Chess Association submit for grading by the English Chess Federation the results from the S&DCA leagues (winter & summer), its team knock-out competitions (Richardson and Haystead Cups), and the Sheffield Championship. To apply starting August 31st 2018.

Cost Implications

 This has cost implications in that at the end of the grading season the ECF would charge to the S&DCA a sum fixed annually (currently £16) for each player who has more than three games included, but was not (by the end of the season) a member of the ECF at Bronze level or above. The present cost per person of Bronze ECF membership is £16.

Such fees charged by the ECF to the S&DCA would then be charged to the member clubs concerned.

Thus S&DCA league players would need to be ECF members, or else the S&DCA would pass on to their clubs the fee (currently £16) charged by the ECF to the S&DCA per such non-member.

 Operational Considerations

 Whereas league secretaries currently enter results into “Chessnuts” (which will cease to produce “Yorkshire” grades after June 2018), they would (from 31st August) enter their results in a similar manner into the ECF’s similar web-based “League Management System” (LMS), which provides the same kind of on-line result reporting as “Chessnuts”.

LMS provides for generation of the half-yearly ECF grading-data submissions, which would then be signed off and submitted to the ECF by an ECF Grader such as Phill Beckett or Steve Mann.

Woodseats B v Rotherham B

Having narrowly lost at Rotherham earlier in the season, we were out for revenge in the return match at the Red Lion.  A good start was made by winning the toss!  Peter faced the French defence from Andy but decided not to play the much discussed Reti gambit.  A draw was soon agreed.  Both myself and Dave C had not made the most of our openings and were down material.  I had hints of an attack but once that was rebuffed by Ed, I played a shocker of a move to lose, albeit being 2 pawns down at the time.  Dave had also got a good attack going against Phil.  However, one accurate capture of a pawn by Phil proved crucial and we were losing 2.5-0.5.

Over on the other side of the room, Michael was playing well against Michael and found a mating attack to win, maintaining his 100% record for the B team this season.  David M was also on top against Mick and once he got his rook and Queen surrounding his opponents King it was just a matter of time.  A neat mate with a pawn won the game and left the match score all tied at 2.5-2.5.

As all of the other games had finished relatively quickly, Martyn and Colin played for around half an hour with a big crowd of players watching.  Plenty of pressure!  A tense endgame resulted with Martyn defending well with a knight against bishop, down a pawn.  Both players were running short of time and when Martyn managed to swap his knight for Colin’s last dangerous pawn, a draw was agreed.

Two 3-3 draws in a row now and our season is looking up!  Next up is a trip to face Nomads C later this month.