Chess is Suspended

Given the current situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus, and recent government advice, we have decided to cancel our Monday evening sessions at the Abbey, with immediate effect. We'll keep you…

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A fabulous chess book

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My son bought me a chess book this morning! It was one that I've always wanted. It's by the wonderful David Bronstein, who was an early photo-type for Tal. He…

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Working things out before hand!

Garry Kasparov feeling the ultimate victory is very near.— Olimpiu G. Urcan (@olimpiuurcan) September 5, 2020 Owed to Olimpiu Urcan on Twitter

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Meet GM Reggie Gottschalk

Meet the latest edition to the Gottschalk clan, Reggie is already kicking up a storm on the chess board! He has dad, Danny, right where he wants him! So Dad,…

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The Wonderful Mikhail Tal

"Why did he play like he did, and why did he win? Of course, it is easy to hide behind the words talent or genius. Tolush, after losing the game…

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How to win a lost game!

Mikhail Tal was an expert at this! Black has far too many pieces for the sacrificed Queen for most of this game but, in the end, Tal summons far up…

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Picture Quiz!

The player giving this simultaneous exhibition was one of the best never to became World Champion: This one's a bit of a give away: the player on the left tried…

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un jeu pour nos lecteurs français!

Bonjour mes amis des échecs, Voici un jeu pour les téléspectateurs français de ce site. Les web-statistiques disent que vous existez. Il présente le magnifique Paul Keres contre un adversaire…

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The Tiger rides again!

Another splendid picture black and white photo of Petrosian: The game is very short but it's got a very neat exchange sacrifice in it: Yes, you've spotted it. I posted…

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