ECC Championship

On Sunday the 19th of May, Ecclesall Chess Club held their annual championship; mostly attended by Ecclesall players, but they did open it up to other local clubs. We had 5 of our players in attendance; myself, Mark, Bill, Steve and Tom.

This was my first all day chess event, so wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but everyone was friendly and there was a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. Many thanks to ECC for putting the event on.

We played 5 games each…

Position Name Points
1 Mark Allison
2 Bill Ward
3 Jamie Woodhouse 2
4 Steve Daykin 1
5 Tom 0

Many congratulations to our Mark Allison on winning the day!

Alan McIntosh of Ecclesall Chess Club, writes…

The headlines – 1st Mark Allison (Woodseats) 4½/5, 2nd Paul Fletcher (Hillsborough) 4/5, 3rd Farshad, Ewan and Daniel 3½/5. So, we couldn’t even win our own competition! But, Farshad, Ewan and Daniel will get their names on the trophy. I was rooting for Farshad, so we would only need to engrave the cup with F Ai.

In a little more detail – Peter Hempson stormed in to the lead and was the only one on 3/3, but that was the last of his point scoring. I also finished on 3, along with Peter Hoare who, could beat anyone with the surname McIntosh and, shared a grading prize with Gerry Fletcher (Hillsborough). Ivan and Jamie Woodhouse (Woodseats), also shared a grading prize with 2/5. A mention should also go to Mick O’Hanlon (I can spell his name correctly), who despite being 19th on the list out of 20 scored 1½/5 and should have done better. He gave both Ewan and myself a scare. He was ahead in both games but, dropped ½ point by stalemating me and dropped a full point by slipping up to Ewan. Despite this he and everyone else (I think) enjoyed the day and I would like to thank all those that took part, for making the event a success.

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