Woodseats Chess Festival

Friday 12th of July to Monday 15th of July. The Woodseats Chess Festival at The Abbey on Chesterfield Road (find us) does what it says on the tin. It’s a festival of chess!

For further information, please contact Bill Ward at billward60@hotmail.co.uk.


Friday 12th July – Evening: 7-10pm
A Joint Simultaneous display, with clocks!

Again, we hope to get 20 boards.Bill Ward

Saturday 13th July – All Day: 11am-6pm
The T.W.Crabb Shield.
A six round individual tournament.

The famous old trophy, dating back into the mists of time.Bill Ward

Monday 15th July – Evening: 7-10pm
Grand Challenge Match!

Woodseats vs. The Rest (of the Association).Bill Ward

Download poster HERE.

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