The London System

Last Monday at Woodseats Chess Club, the talk was about openings again. Of course, the above mentioned came up in the conversation. It’s a very ‘marmite’ topic. You’re either for it or very definitely against! Here’s a very early example. Note the club names and the dates!

Peter Hulse

Learning the London System

I’ve been trying to learn the London System, and found a few helpful online resources. Simon Williams has a 3 part video series on learning the London. Eric Rosen also has a few video’s on the London System worth checking out. See YouTube playlist:

There is also a free ‘short and sweet’ course on the London System, by John Bartholemew on his Chessable website. I’ve found this very useful, sign up and check the course out here: Short & Sweet: The London System.

Hope that helps someone!

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I’m looking at move 19. for white. In place of 19. Bf1; how about: 19. Nxc4 bxc4 20. Bxc4 … followed by moves for white such as Qb2, Rd1, Ne2-Nf4, all ganging up on the pinned d5 Knight. Could also be nasty for the black Queen with a white Rook sitting on d1?


It would have been much more active that what he actually played, but I don’t think it actually amounts to anything disastrous for Black: 19. Nxc4 bxc4 20. Bxc4 Rc8 21. Be2 Ne5 22. Rad1 Qb6 . . .


Also, did you play for the Nomads in ’87 Peter?


I had the misfortune 🙂 to be one of the founder members. We were real Nomads and wandered round a number of different venues. We had one team and I was generally board six out of six. Then they made me captain (!) and after that I retired from chess for about ten+ years!


The links that you’ve posted about the London system seem to be very apposite!