Online Arena #0

Congratulations to Brendan, who just won our first online Arena match, on

I think everyone enjoyed it, so we’re hoping to make this a regular thing, Sundays at 6:30pm. Get in touch if you want to join in the fun.

The format was 5 minute Blitz, with a tournament duration of 45 minutes. The idea is that we all play each other, and points accrue for each player as the tournament progresses (1 point for a draw, 2 points for a win, 4 points for a ‘berserk’ win). The software handles all the matching etc.

We had planned for 6 of us to play, but due to some issues in setup, we ended up with only 4. At first I setup a ‘Team Battle’, which was the wrong thing altogether (teams playing other teams). Then I setup an ‘Arena’, but only allowed 2 minutes for everyone to join, and everyone didn’t. Then I setup a second Arena with a 5 minute joining window, and only 4 of us joined. Apologies to Stephen and David who didn’t make it in. With hindsight, I should have created the Arena 10 minutes in advance (i.e. with a 10 minute joining window), and made sure everyone had the correct link in plenty of time.

So with only 4 of us, the matching algorithm wasn’t so hot! My first 4 games were all against Daniel, while Brendan was matched with Danny (shock results there, suspect Brendan has been taking secret chess lessons with that Magnus chap). After our 4th game, Daniel hit the pause button, and we managed to force a change in the matches, I got a game with Danny (who trounced me), not sure if Daniel and Brendan played. I suspect the matching thing would have worked out much better, had there been more of us (hint hint).

Anyhow, please leave a comment on this page if you enjoyed it, or have any suggestions or anything to add. Final standings as follows:

1 Hobgoblin5771 1702 22440 12
2 A_Pigeon_7 1396 0023 5
3 cosmic4z 1602 2200 4
4 Mop449 1983 00002 2
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