Online Arena #2

Well done to Jamie (me), who won our second online Lichess arena this week. Congratulations also to Daniel who finished second, and Brendan who finished third.

1 cosmic4z 1618 202222 10
2 A_Pigeon_7 1514 220201 7
3 Hobgoblin5771 1680 002022 6
4 Mop449 1986 2200 4
5 Stoitchkov 1349? 02200 4
6 BillyBonkers 1472? 00020 2

Link to tournament:

I played 3 games against Danny. I lost our first game (I have no idea how to meet the English), but won our second game (I did well out of the opening, but he was winning near the end, I think he’d just promoted a Queen, when he flagged, ha). Our third game however, he was white and didn’t start the game in time, and dastardly here was awarded the win without moving a single piece.

A strange game with Daniel ended in a draw, but for some reason I was awarded 2 points (and Daniel only 1). EDIT: Turns out it’s something to do with the Lichess arena scoring system; if you score 2 consecutive wins, you’re on a streak and points after are doubled; see here for more details:

I’ve included my second game with Danny below:

Great fun, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

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2 years ago

I think you were awarded 2 points because you won your last two games, giving you a streak which awards +1 points until a loss.