Online Arena #3

Great drama tonight in our online Lichess arena. Some very close and tense games. Some daylight chess robbery. Some of us definitely need to work on our time management skills. All thoroughly enjoyable of course!

So, our winner tonight was Brendan, followed by Jamie in second place, and third for Bill, his second podium finish. Possibly David also finished third as he was tied in terms of points, but for some reason Lichess lists him in 4th place, not sure what’s going on there! Answers in the comments please, if anyone knows?

Also, almost a disaster for me, after the arena finished, I noticed my laptop was unplugged, lucky I didn’t run out of batter mid way through!

Final standings as follows…

1 Hobgoblin5771 1681 22402 10
2 cosmic4z 1618 02340 9
3 BillyBonkers 1538 20022 6
4 TheSpinyOne 1556 22002 6
5 A_Pigeon_7 1516 00220 4
6 Stoitchkov 1277 00000 0
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