Online Arena #4

A win for Jamie this week on 10 points, with Daniel and Brendan both finishing on 4 points. Only 5 players though, so we didn’t all get the same number of games, which wasn’t entirely fair.

My first game with Brendan was a bit wild to say the least. I should have played 10. hxg5 (with my Queen and Rook taking aim at h5), instead I brought my Queen out, Brendan got his Queen to c2, and eventually dined on my a1 Rook, while my h pawn ended up forking his King and Knight. A crazy aggressive and reckless game. Running it through an engine, turns out it was -11.4 in black’s favour at one point.

Final standings as follows:

1 cosmic4z 1622 22402 10
2 A_Pigeon_7 1525 21100 4
3 Hobgoblin5771 1654 0112 4
4 Stoitchkov 1329 020 2
5 BillyBonkers 1551 002 2
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