A tiger writes . . .

A member of the club, who is a bit of a literary gent on the quiet, recently sent me an email that started off “Dear Tiger . . .”, an allusion that worked on two levels. Yes, I had been a bit satirical in the electronic communication to which he was replying but I also caught a reference to one of the greatest attacking players that the list of World Champions has ever seen: Tigran (Tiger) Vartanovich Petroshan (or Petrosian). Now, he was partial to a draw, when he wasn’t feeling particularly energetic and Mrs. Petroshan had told him that he’d better be on time for his tea or else . . . But when his blood was stirred and the moment required it, he was a marvellous attacking player. Do play through the following example:


Here he is looking a bit puzzled. Maybe he’s trying to remember what’s for tea.


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Rob Skelton
1 year ago

Dear Tigger Thanks for posting the game. When the computer said the game was even, I thought – as white – I was a lost cause. I wonder what percentage of games Petrosian drew. From a quick look it seems a really big percentage. But maybe that is getting more normal at that level?! I have drawn just 1 in 15 in this year’s truncated season and recall no draws in my brief foray into the myriad mysteries of the Sheffield league last year. My online chess has a more ‘reasonable’, 15% over 300 games. I ask for draws more… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Rob Skelton

I think this could be a very good theme. I have had one draw this season. That was quite an aggressive game that just petered out. In the past couple of seasons, I’ve turned down draws and lost, so I tend to take them, if offered, unless I’m a Queen up! I think it all depends on the game. Petroshan did have a reputation but he could turn it on, when required. I suppose you take care when your livelihood depends on it. Then, there was Petar Trifunovic . . .the drawing master. I’m on 6% draws in lichess chess.… Read more »