Breaking News: Woodseats Chess Club more than a hundred years old!

¬†This really doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It’s taken from the “Green’UN”, which obviously has a very long history- for 1915! It had a regular chess column at that time, signed W.B.

Even though the First World War had just started, we seem to have been flourishing in 1915! We had the Sheffield Champion among our ranks in those days: Mr. W. Batley, who is presumably the W.B., signing the column who seems to have had quite a high opinion of himself, “the penalties of greatness”. The odds-giving competition described was very common at that time, I think. Perhaps we should revive the ‘Jones Tourney’! Sheffield Chess Comments was a a regular feature in the Newspaper. The rest of the column shows that chess was flourishing in Sheffield as a whole:


Nothing seems to have changed. The Woodhouse Cup! Kitchen Correspondence Tourney! I have some more material to follow this. One more serious revelation, at least! There is obviously a lot to discover. For instance, where did this ‘Woodseats Chess Club play-it would be a large-sized piece of irony, if it was in the Abbey Hotel!






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