Members of Woodseats Chess Club

Two well-known members of Woodseats Chess Club have taken the opportunity of some unexpected leisure to indulge in deep analysis of their favourite openings!

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Rob Skelton
1 year ago

Baaaaah My favourite opening as black against P-K4 (e4?) is the Petrov’s or Russian defence. The reasons are: 1 Because I don’t know any other openings 2 I do know this one up to move 4 3 It stops the opponent playing something they do know 4 If said opponent ignores the pawn the game reverts to the 3/4 knights, which I can pretty much deal with 5 I was taught the basics of it in 1967 (a good year) by some old lags in my school – none of them a day under 17 (me being just turned 13… Read more »