Happy Birthday! Dear Norman . . . !

There are two strands to the History of Woodseats Club, one of which concerns the Club based on Abbey Lane, founded near the beginning of the (19th century that I’ve been writing about recently, the other is to do with more recent times and the Club known as Batemoor and Jordanthorpe (B&J) which later became Woodseats CC, as it is today. Board one for B&J for many years was Norman Littlewood. I’ve written about him, as well, mainly on the Club Facebook page (do have a look!). Norman died in 1989 and it would have been his birthday yesterday. To celebrate, here’s a game that he played and won against Harry Golombek, another doyen of British Chess:


The game is owed to the British Chess News website, which you should visit, if you want to learn more about another great player, who once played for Woodseats!


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