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After many months, during which we have almost forgotten what one another look like, Woodseats Chess Club meets again in Cyber Space due to the wonders of Tornelo: https://home.tornelo.com. If anybody wishes to join us for some friendly social games (from Sheffield or anywhere else in the world!), sign on to an account (free) on the site, add a comment below or send a message.Join the Woodseats ‘Big bash’ never-ending tournament every Sunday at 1600 hrs GMT. Come one! Come all!😍😆😀😂!

It started on Sunday 25th October and it’s still going! It could still be going next Christmas! Use this link to see games from previous rounds. Some of them immortal in quality. All you have to do is click the Green Zoom button to see your opponent. What a thought! It’s definitely the way forward for Chess at the moment. No more anonymous lichess opponents, you’ll be able to see the grimace on their faces as you administer the killing move! Questions and enquiries welcome. You don’t have to be a member of Woodseats Chess Club to take part, though it would be nice, if you decided to join!

Peter Hulse

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