Events for August 2021

Following on from our opening on the 26th (thanks to everyone who turned up), we have a number of exciting chess activities planned for the coming weeks. These are optional of course, and anyone who wants to come along for casual social chess and chat is more than welcome to do just that.

2nd August
Grand Prix R1: 15 mins

Round 1 of our internal club mini-tournament. A series of quicker, timed games (using a chess clock), everyone will have the opportunity to play against multiple people. If you’re new to chess, and this sounds a little daunting, you’re welcome to pop along and play casual chess and chat instead, or to spectate of course.

9th August
Andrew’s Simul

A ‘simul’ with an International Master. Andrew will play multiple games with several people, all at the same time.

16th August
Grand Prix R2: 10 mins

Round 2 of our internal club mini-tournament. Even quicker this time, only 10 minutes each on the clock!

23rd August

Mark will be doing a presentation of one of his recent games. I expect there may be some audience participation.

30th August
Grand Prix R3: 5 mins

Round 3 of our internal club mini-tournament. Even quicker this time, only 5 minutes each on the clock, so fast and frantic chess. Chess played at this time control is referred to as ‘Blitz’, don’t expect to play your best chess, do expect to have a lot of fun though!

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