Lichess Tournament #1

Congrats Daniel on your victory in our Lichess tournament today. We had 6 players in total, though I think one may have joined just near the end, so unfortunately didn’t get a game. My game with Daniel was a tough one, and I count myself lucky to come away with a draw! Good games all round though, think everyone had fun!

Here are the final standings:

1 A_Pigeon_7 1980 2221 7
2 cosmic4z 1740 21 3
3 Hobgoblin5771 1735 021 3
4 BillyBonkers 1568 002 2
5 anand_chess 1455 0
6 iandavey72 1109 00 0

If you’d like to take part in next Sunday’s tournament (they’re every Sunday from 4pm), please sign up for a free account on Lichess (it’s great, you should anyway), join our team on lichess, and look out for upcoming tournaments.

Instructions here:

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