Lichess Tournament #3

Congratulations to Bill, on his glorious victory in this weeks online tournament, and very well played to runners up, Brendan and Mikey. Sadly I couldn’t make it this week; hope everyone enjoyed the tournament, and I’ll be back next Sunday.

Here are the final standings:

1 BillyBonkers 1539 22222 10
2 Hobgoblin5771 1730 212 5
3 Mikey072 1051? 2010 3
4 Ro-han 1275? 020 2
5 CountMC1812 1085? 01 1
6 iandavey72 1104 000 0

If you’d like to take part in next Sunday’s tournament (they’re every Sunday from 4pm), please sign up for a free account on Lichess (it’s great, you should anyway), join our team on lichess, and look out for upcoming tournaments.

Instructions here:

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