The Mark Allison Show

Last night at Woodseats Chess Club we had a special event that Bill affectionately refers to as ‘The Mark Allison Show’. Mark talked us through a couple of his games, looking at tactics, with some audience participation (find the best move in this position etc).

One of my suggestions wasn’t too hot, blundering a queen! I can only blame it on an excess of online bullet chess (not good). I have this bad chess habit; finding a move that looks great on the surface, getting a little excited and insta playing it, only to later discover there was something I’ve overlooked. Argh! Too eager I am by far.

Anyhow, after the Mark Allison Show wrapped up, we all settled down to play casual social chess. Pleased to see the whole room packed with people playing chess again!

Next week, it’s the 3rd round of Bill’s internal club mini-tournament. 5 minutes each on the clock this time! Everyone is welcome to play in the tournament, or just play casually again.

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