The Avision Shield Avison crosstableis a correspondence tournament played on the ICCF webserver and at the moment the Woodseats team of Peter Hulse, Srinivasa Muthukrishan, Dave Cook and Shane Frith are doing well and out performing their combined correspondence rating of 1899.  This entirely due to the excellent performances of Dave and Shane.  If Srini and I can back them up, we stand a chance of getting our noses in front of the ‘Yorkshire Puddings’ , whose team contain the two British correspondence champions (IM Bill Lumley and Toni Halliwell-otherwise known as Granny Gambit).  Dave and Shane have won a lot of games.  Dave has to his credit a win over local doyen of correspondence chess, Phill Beckett (‘Fast Phill’).  We shall see what happens but until then here are the best games of Shane and Dave! Click on the dots…to access the games.Avison2

and now ShaneAvison3

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