This has been a difficult season so far for the B team.  Having lost our first 4 matches, we finally picked up a win in December in a home game against Barnsley B.  Unfortunately, another 2 losses followed and so we headed out to Barnsley for the return match with only 1 win from our first 7 games.

On the way to the venue, me, Peter and Steve were discussing potential opponents and likely openings.  Peter should be buying a lottery ticket as he thought that I would be playing Neil Todd and that the French defence would be played, and this is exactly what happened!

My game was first to finish.  Although I tried a new opening for me of playing 2-b3, Neil didn’t take the gambit pawn and I was ‘out of book’ quickly.  Fortunately for me I whipped up a king side attack and with Neil’s pieces off side I managed to break through for the win.  Peter was playing a complicated affair with Tony, although he appeared to have more space and 2 good bishops.  A creditable draw was the final result.  When I looked at Steve Moon’s game he was down material and not impressed with his position.  Richard was able to convert for the win.  Steve Daykin had played most of his match standing up.  At first I thought it was a tactic to intimidate his opponent but Steve later explained it was a way of coping with his varifocal glasses.  Unfortunately for him, his attack fizzled out and Arnold surrounded Steve’s King forcing a resignation.  Looking at the remaining 2 games, I thought we had chances in both.  David Margerison was up on material but with opposite coloured bishops, a draw was the final result.  This left us 3-2 down with just Dave Cook playing.  He was winning, then blundered to be behind on material.  However, he still had attacking chances.  In mutual time pressure both he and Tony appeared to leave their queens hanging.  Tony ended up resigning leaving the match drawn at 3-3.  A good result for us.

Next up is a home game against Rotherham B and a favourable result would put us back in contention with the others at the bottom of the division.