Chess again this afternoon in Woodseats Library (Peter and Bill). Our redoubtable opponents were Billy (another one-a younger edition) and his granddad, John. First, we had a closely fought game with this set (a memento of the time that a younger member of the Hulse family went to Moscow to improve his Russian). Then, we had another game using an ordinary (!) chess set. Both games were very close. Both our opponents were wily competitors and Billy had been well-coached. They hope to return next week. Hope to see you then (and anybody else who would like to join in. Spread the word!

Twin chess boards from another angle
Two games at once in Woodseats Library.
Bought in a Moscow flea market, so I’m told.

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Good show chaps! Looks like an interesting chess board, quite colourful. Any ideas what the text on the board says? Presumably it’s in Russian?