For the last few Mondays,since the Summer League has finished and chess grades have become a thing of the past, at Woodseats we’ve been playing friendly games in the courtyard at the Red Lion on Chesterfield Road (for directions see FIND US in the main menu). Sometimes bad light has stopped play but it has been a very jolly time. Last week, for example, two Polish ladies (one of them lives in Dronfield) brought their daughters and some noble battles were fought, with one of the Mums acting as a translator. They didn’t come again this week but the invitation is always open.

This week, instead, the usual chess room was taken over by the Sheffield Steel Rappers (=sword dancers), with us again in the courtyard and they provided musical accompaniment as we practised the London System (Red Lion Attack) for the coming season. We got talking to the sword dancers “Tommy”. He asked us who had won. We said the ants that had been crawling over the chess board. He said: “My Dad plays Chess”. It turned out that he was Manny Grimsley, the son of Mick Grimsley who plays for Stannington (now called something else). The way forward must be an alliance between sword dancers and chess players throughout Sheffield! It’s the only way that we can survive. Here’s a game I played against Père Grimsley which is quite exciting together with a video of the ladies of Sheffield Steel Rappers, who are much more entertaining. I, for one, hope that they come back to the Red Lion next week.

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