I sing of the wrath of Achilles! When I retired from teaching, my colleagues very kindly asked me what I wanted for a present. I said that something that combined Ancient Greek and Chess would be very acceptable. What I got was a chess set with the Trojans as the White (actually brown) pieces and the Greeks as the Black (more like blue). Brilliant! This week I took the set along to our weekly chess gathering at Woodseats Library. It seemed to have been a success. Players easily got the hang of which piece was which. The Greeks has something that looked like the legendary ship the Argo rather than Rooks but it didn’t seems to create any problems. Billy and his Grandfather John came  back eager for more and we sat playing chess almost until the library closed. A young scholar of Abbey Lane Primary sat down and played a game and in spite of the fact that he said that he hadn’t quite learned all the moves, he did very well. I hope Harry will come again next week with a possible revenge match in view! Here are some pictures of sets and people. If you’re in the library next Wednesday afternoon, same time (2.30 p.m. onwards), do sit down and say Hello!

A Greek (or is it a Trojan?) thinking about his move.
Did Troy fall or was it pushed?
Trojans v. Greeks with Zeus as an umpire.

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