It doesn’t really . . . but in November (9-28 November 2018) for the first time for eighteen years (Kasparov v. Kramnik) it will be staged in London. Another significant anniversary is that it is twenty-five years since British born (Leigh in Lancashire) Nigel Short challenged Kasparov for his crown in the same city. I remember watching on the television-you didn’t have to go to London and in those days the contestants looked like this:

In November the contestants are going to be Magnus Carlsen and Fabio Caruana and this is what they look like and here’s their twitter account

More importantly here’s the warm up game that they played last night:

Here’s a link with a very interesting report.The general opinion seems to be that Carlsen should have won and that’s certainly what he thought:

I think he’s trying to hush his critics and maybe his opponents!

Very interesting! But what’s the point of all this?. Well, you could go to London to watch the match and I know those who might do just that but why not watch it at home or even better in your own Chess club? If football fans can watch matches in pubs, why can’t we stream these two doughty warriors direct into the Red Lion and, being selfless souls, invite the public and our fellow Sheffield chess players into watch. During the Short-Kasparov match there was a boom in the number of people wanting to play chess and join clubs. If we handle this up-coming, important occasion properly, it could happen again. Surely this is a matter that needs to be urgently discussed in the highest circles of Sheffield Chess?

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