I’ve been away for five weeks and a lot of exciting things have happened in connection with the club. One of the most exciting is that our website has been improved still further due to the labours of Jamie Woodhouse. Jamie has spent hours of his own time moving our site to a new Internet Provider (no small matter) and also come up with a new method for recording the matches that we play this season (click some of the links on the main menu to this site and you’ll see what I mean). Talking of new methods. The English Chess Federation League Management system (what a mouth-full!- ECF-LMS is perhaps shorter but a bit like Brexit jargon) seems to be doing its job, though I find the small number of matches that have been played so far amazing (four only in Division 1-is it a new tactic? The system seems very robust though I still wish it were coloured ‘Chessnuts’  green! More later!


P.S. Comments below the line on the above and new posts are always welcome. Come on-I dare you-write something and post it-the Internet won’t explode!

P.P.S. An especial welcome to the new members who turned up to the Red Lion on Monday. Do come again! There will be potential opponents there throughout the Winter.


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