Worksop B 4½ – 1½ Woodseats B

Mon 10th Dec 2018

Board Worksop B  
Woodseats B
1 (W) Dragan, Ionel 1 – 0 Hulse, Peter
2 (B) Beckett, Phill J ½ – ½ Lee, Andy W
3 (W) Allen, Andrew ½ – ½ Ashmore, Brendan
4 (B) Porter, Robert ½ – ½ Moon, Steven
5 (W) Fidler, A David 1 – 0 Mullin, Michael
6 (B) Smith, Andrew J 1 – 0 Cook, Dave
    4½ – 1½  

A difficult night for the team at Worksop, with no winners.  It was good to see the return of Andy Lee and he appeared to be in a commanding position.  However, accurate defence from Phill resulted in a draw offer.  After much deliberation Andy accepted.  Michael had blundered a rook against David who proceeded to convert his advantage for the win.  I didn’t see any of Dave’s game but a loud moan indicated another loss and we were 2½-½ down.  Andrew offered me a draw and although the position looked dead drawn, I was considering playing on to try for a win.  However, at this time, Peter had lost a complicated match with Ionel in which both players had winning chances, and so I accepted the draw.  Steve and Robert quickly agreed a draw to finish the match resulting in a 4½-1½ loss.

That’s us done for the league in 2018.  This season is already turning out to be better than last year.  Hopefully our good form will continue into 2019.

Brendan Ashmore

All the way to Worksop and sixty-seven moves!: 

Peter Hulse

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