On the evening of January the 7th, we ventured out, to play Hillsborough D, at the New Barrack Tavern. I was the first to arrive, and welcomed by the landlady, and the smell of chicken curry bubbling away nicely on the bar! Sadly the curry was for the pool players. The landlady kindly put on a nice spread of sandwiches for the chess players.

Anyhow, soon everyone arrived and the game was afoot.

Board Home Hillsborough D Woodseats C Away
1 (W) 000 Helliwell, P John ½ – ½ Moon, Steven 120L
2 (B) 000 Kennedy, Lance ½ – ½ Margerison, David 000
3 (W) 000 Swanson, George 0 – 1 Woodhouse, Jamie 000
4 (B) 000 Addison, Graeme ½ – ½ Daykin, Stephen 000
Total 0 1½ – 2½ Total 120

I was assigned to board 3, and playing black, against George Swanson, here’s our game…

I found the game challenging. I made a couple of mistakes in the opening; not playing e5 on move 4 (stockfish says +3.0) was a lost opportunity for black, and playing e5 on move 5 didn’t help matters. For white, as George spotted, doubling his pawns wasn’t great (stockfish says -0.3, vs +0.8 for taking on c3 with the Queen).

Anyhow, thanks to everyone at Hillsborough for being great hosts.

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