There is still every opportunity to come to play Chess at Woodseats Library. We now have more boards and sets, books that you could borrow if you want to learn more, and worksheets and books that young players could take away to help practise and progress due to the kind sponsorship of ‘Chess in Schools and the Community.’
This afternoon, however, things went in a new direction. Mike Murfin brought along his Backgammon set and taught me how to play. We had a great time. There is a lot strategy, tactics and luck involved in the game (you use dice) and I found the whole things utterly intriguing. I want to learn how to play properly, so that when I go back to Greece this year, I’ve got something to do in the local coffee shop, part from drink coffee. If you fancy playing Chess and/or Backgammon do come along next Wednesday. Mike is a very friendly teacher.

Here’s a picture of the equipment;

Backgammon board and pieces

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