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Woodseats Chess Club is one of the oldest chess clubs in Sheffield and welcomes players of all strengths. Whether you’re a beginner who has discovered chess on the Internet or in the press or a...

Recent Match Results

Hillsborough D 1½ – 2½ Woodseats C
On the evening of January the 7th, we ventured out, to play Hillsborough D, at the New Barrack Tavern. I was the first to arrive,...
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Kitchin Memorial 2018 (Webserver Individual Tournament).

This is another event of what used to be called Correspondence Chess (exchanging moves by post-cost a lot in stamps and could take a very long time). Now it’s done through the Internet. This tournament is meant for individuals and, again, Woodseats have had a lot of success in it. …

Chess in Woodseats Library-starting on Wednesday, November 14th

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY CHESS? -Or maybe you can play already and just fancy a social game here in the library -Instruction and opponents available in Woodseats library: (Wednesday from 2.30 p.m.) -for more information: Contact a librarian Or go to: Or Ring: 01142748512 / 07779336029

Update 1: New Exciting things! Making Woodseats Chess Club strong again!

I’ve been away for five weeks and a lot of exciting things have happened in connection with the club. One of the most exciting is that our website has been improved still further due to the labours of Jamie Woodhouse. Jamie has spent hours of his own time moving our …

Local hero in the European Chess Club Cup

Long standing Woodseats CC member, Andrew Ledger is about to participate in the European Club Cup! You can follow Andrew’s progress here: Looks like Andrew is playing for Blackthorne Russia, and may be playing St Petersburg in the first round. They’re not bad. Good luck Andrew!