Chess in the Olden Days!

In these days of everything on-line, it does no harm to think back to a different age . . . Here's the game that's mentioned in the clip and some…

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Red Hot pawn!
Two Members of Woodseats chess analyse an opening variation of immense complexity

Red Hot pawn!

Do you miss playing a good-humoured 'over the board' game with friends? Well, we can't replace that experience, but you can challenge any self isolating friends to an enjoyable stress-free…

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Long live the Petrov Defence
Although he lost this game; one of the greatest World Champions.

Long live the Petrov Defence

A recent correspondent (the correspondent) of this website mentioned his fondness for the Petrov Defence (see the comments below the sheep picture). Here is a rather brilliant game in that…

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Spot the World Champion!

There is at least one future World Champion on this photo. There are also many other famous players to be . . . ¬†and a man from Woodseats! See if…

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Petrosian plays blitz!

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Since is practically melting at the moment, I thought I would go back to a time before the Internet, when they played 'Blitz' with proper chess clocks! There are…

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‘Wild Bill Batley’ rides again.

This is another game from a simultaneous exhibition, again featuring William Batley, the well-known Woodseats Chess player (see recent posts on this site) v. Akiba Rubinstein, a member of the…

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