An Alternative to Chess?
A wonderful backgammon board, with its junior friend and interesting acoutrements!

An Alternative to Chess?

Perhaps you'll say that there isn't one but, if you're a chess player (or anybody else for that matter) who is seeking a challenging alternative to the 64 squares, why…

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Chess at Woodseats Library

Another rousing Chess session in the library this afternoon. Bushira Karim and Azhara Miller brought their enthusiastic band of young players again, two of whom had distinguished themselves in a…

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Chess in Woodseats Library
Trojans v. Greeks with Zeus as an umpire

Chess in Woodseats Library

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY CHESS? Or maybe you can play already and just fancy a social game here in the library? Instruction and opponents available in Woodseats library;…

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Local hero in the European Chess Club Cup

Long standing Woodseats CC member, Andrew Ledger is about to participate in the European Club Cup! You can follow Andrew's progress here: Looks like Andrew is playing for Blackthorne…

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