Round 4

And in Round 5 . . .

Round 3

Everybody seems to want to play the Grunfeld against Andrew at Hastings. Again, he was unlucky not to win: I think this chap had better look out!

Round 2

Andrew was very unlucky not to beat GM Mark Hebden yesterday. The Grandmaster manoeuvred for most of the game to very little advantage, until the position suddenly became tactical, round about move 30: ‘he’d missed the tactic completely and thought he was being clever with Qb3 – but then I missed that he can play f4 instead of Bf4. I was in time trouble, but still . . .’ Sometimes chess can be a very frustrating game! I’m sure that we all wish Andrew better luck this afternoon.

Here’s the game from yesterday:

Hastings Round 1

Woodseats star at Hastings tournament!

One of the entrants for Hastings historic Christmas / New Year Chess tournament is Woodseats’ star and board one of many years standing, IM Andrew Ledger. This is his game for the first round which starts today. Andrew may well appear on the Live Games’ schedule at some stage or possibly here: Until we can catch sight of his games, here’s one of the most famous games ever played at the tournament

The longest (and strangest game) I’ve ever played.

Chesterfield C v Woodseats B

After a late withdrawal due to a Christmas party, my captaining skills were put to the test.  Unfortunately, I was not up to the task and we arrived at Chesterfield one man short.  I didn’t get chance to look at the other games as my match was last to finish.  However, Peter tells me that he got a good position out of the opening before settling for a draw.  Steve defended the English opening, I believe, but came unstuck against Robert.  Dave played the petroff defence against Tim and kept giving me quizzical looks throughout his game, not liking the position he was in.  Eventually he lost an exchange, resigning soon after.  Martyn played a good game against Mike before succumbing to a knight fork.  Although we had lost the match, I’d got a good position against John and played on, finally winning by resignation.  A tough night for the team, losing 4.5-1.5.

1 b T Amarnath ½ ½ Peter Hulse
2 w Robert May 1 0 Steve Moon
3 b John Riley 0 1 Brendan Ashmore
4 w Tim Humphries 1 0 Dave L Cook
5 b Mike Fanshawe 1 0 Martyn Edwards
6 w James Lindebaum 1 d bye