It was last orders at the bar at The Red Lion, and last matches for both A and B teams last evening. In a desperate attempt to find a building with a workable toilet (we’re having a new bathroom fitted) I went along to watch.

From where I sat, at the President’s Table, in the President’s Chair with the President’s cup of tea, the two matches were laid out in front of me.

There is a Legend that if the Ravens were to ever leave the Tower of London, it would fall down. I think the same could be true of Steve Moon and Dave Cook in the Red Lion. Those two, with the ‘New Kids On The Block’ (Michael Mullin. Dave Margenson and Steve Daykin) with captain Brendan Ashmore lined up against Nomads D in their last Division 5 match.

Across the room, Peter Hulse’s A/1 team were involved in the Richardson Plate Final(!!) against Rotherham. Our shining star, Andrew , together with three Ashleigh Boys (Mark, Andy, Nigel), Peter himself and Jon

Most importantly though, by the door, there was one of Pam’s legendary sumptuous buffets for our consumption!

For the B team, Steve M and Brendan found life on the top two boards difficult, but Dave C and the New Kids were ‘hanging tough’ to put a creditable 2.5 points on the scoreboard. Not quite enough to win perhaps, but with the Division 5 Trophy already secured it didn’t really matter.

Meanwhile, Peter acquired a trophy of his own, as the 1st team despatched Rotherham 4-2 without too much drama.

A wonderful evening of chess, with two well contested games, all set in a perfect venue with ideal hospitality. What more could a Club President ask for?!

May I thank all players, captains and other officials for a successful and enjoyable season. Despite our struggles, there is definitely a feeling of optimism for the days to come. We look to the future with excited anticipation.

Bill Ward