How to post on this site


This is meant to be a guide on how to post on this site. I hope it’s clear, though I’ve probably missed bits out. First thing you do is log in (over on the right hand side):

I’ll send an email round about passwords but below is what you do (first name + ?)

This is what you’ll see next:

To add something new look over on the left:


. . . and find ‘Posts’, click it, then ‘add new’. Then write something!


It might be something like this: The instructions show how to add a game. One way of adding a pgn game file is to use this site:

When you’ve finished your master piece: look  over on the right hand side and click ‘publish’  ! It would be great to see more members having a go at this. All topics related to chess are welcome! Any questions, please contact!