A mystery game!

From new member (!?), Shane Frith. Boswell isn’t Dr. Johnson’s friend but a young man from from Leek Chess club (Staffordshire) who plays in a lot of chess tournaments. Leek Chess Club was one of the places where a 14 year old Peter Hulse played some his first league games (touch of nostalgia there!) It’s a very old and long established club, which is obviously still flourishing. Any way some more info. from Shane would be very welcome-it seems to be a very steady performance that augurs well for the new season. Black seems to sacrifice (?) a pawn for a speculative attack which our man defends very ably!

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End of Season Update: things are looking up!

The season is nearly over. There are a lot of pluses to record. It’s not impossible that the B team might win promotion from Division Four under their courageous captain. The A team are still alive (with the much appreciated help of loyal members of the B team) and are waiting for the results of some other end of term encounters to make sure that they are completely untroubled by possibilities of relegation. There are a lot factors involved and it would be tempting fate to say anything definite at this stage. We also had the pleasure last night of welcoming another Greek player from Patras (and friend of a very good friend of Woodseats Chess club-kyrios Nick Kanellis): Spyros Polydoropoulos! καλως ηρθατε, κυριε Σπυρε!

Some examples of play from recent matches: First up Dave Cook with a snappy Legal’s Mate against SASCA, the other week:

Splendid stuff!

And then from last night against Nomads: a tale of missed opportunities. My opponent gave me an object lesson in how to make the most of your chances!

And to finish on: some kamikaze chess from Bill Ward:

As already noted, it’s nearly the end of the season. We’ve fought some hard battles. Thanks to all for the support and fellowship.


Ecclesall v Woodseats (400 League) – 29/3/17

Due to holidays and work commitments it was a struggle to get a team together for our match at Ecclesall.  I drafted myself into the team and with Steve managing to leave work early we’d got our 4 players.  I lost the toss, as seems to be the norm, and Ivan chose white on the odd boards for Ecclesall.  All the matches seemed to be tight and every game ended in a draw!

29 Mar Ecclesall 2 2 Woodseats
1 w John Speck ½ ½ Brendan Ashmore
2 b Ivan Basarab-Horwath ½ ½ Martyn Edwards
3 w John H T Eddershaw ½ ½ Alexander Pilakoutas
4 b Mike Howarth ½ ½ Stephen Daykin

Excellent game by B team captain-Brendan Ashmore

Round 4

And in Round 5 . . .

Round 3

Everybody seems to want to play the Grunfeld against Andrew at Hastings. Again, he was unlucky not to win: I think this chap had better look out!

Round 2

Andrew was very unlucky not to beat GM Mark Hebden yesterday. The Grandmaster manoeuvred for most of the game to very little advantage, until the position suddenly became tactical, round about move 30: ‘he’d missed the tactic completely and thought he was being clever with Qb3 – but then I missed that he can play f4 instead of Bf4. I was in time trouble, but still . . .’ Sometimes chess can be a very frustrating game! I’m sure that we all wish Andrew better luck this afternoon.

Here’s the game from yesterday: