Sheffield and District Chess Association league tables for the 2018 / 2019 season.

Division 1 – Davy Trophy

Ecclesall A14112174½37½24000
Sheffield Nomads A141031714123000
Chesterfield A14815664617000
Hillsborough A1471660½51½15000
Darnall & Handsworth A14626565614000
SASCA A14527486212000
Woodseats A1423951587000
Sheffield University A1400141893-4400

Source: ECF LMS

Division 3 – Batley-Meek Memorial Trophy

Aughton A14923523220000
Hillsborough C14815453917000
Woodseats B1472541½42½16000
Barnsley B1471641½42½15000
Sheffield Nomads B1471644½38½15000
Rotherham B14437315211000
Ecclesall C1441940½43½9000
Worksop B1441939459000

Source: ECF LMS

Division 4 – Athenaeum Cup

Barnsley C221903652338000
Sheffield Nomads C22172366½28½36000
Chesterfield C221228513826000
Darnall & Handsworth C2212010514224000
Woodseats C2211011464922000
Aughton B2210210503822000
Sheffield Deaf A221011147½46½21000
Ravenfield A229211414820000
Hillsborough D229112504719000
Ecclesall D226610374918000
SASCA C226412355916000
Worksop C2202207791100

Source: ECF LMS